Stanford’s ‘iPhone Application Programming’ on iTunes!

April 9, 2009

iTunes U is a service provided by Apple for managing and distributing educational audio and video content. It is available through iTunes, as you probably figured out. It is a great place to learn new things, as long as they’re available. It’s also a great way to promote schools and courses throughout the world.

Turns out that Stanford University has a channel on it, and the latest course available is ‘iPhone Application Programming’. Now it is getting interesting…

The first two classes are already available, the first one was just OK, as Evan Doll (the Lecturer) talked much about stuff that don’t really matters for us, non-stanford-beings. Anyway, looks like it will be a great, hands-on, course. Ideally for those who are looking for the first successful apps at Apple Store.

Brazilian Universities could really this kind of marketing… But I don’t know of any that is using iTunes U. Do you?


One Response to “Stanford’s ‘iPhone Application Programming’ on iTunes!”

  1. […] Tagged apple, Evan Doll, iphone, memory management, ObjC, programming, stanford, university I’ve been watching Stanford’s class on iPhone Application Programming. This is the third of a series of posts regarding these lectures, which began here. […]

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