MacBook: My first ‘portable laptop’

April 19, 2009

I’ve had three laptops before getting the MacBook I’m using now.

The first one was bought in 2004. It was a Toshiba A70, with a big 15.4” screen, and weighting something like 3.8 kgs. It wasn’t a laptop, I always needed a table or my bed to use it. The same happened with the two others: An HP Pavillion DV6000 and a Sony Vaio CR520, both 14”, and both weighting about 2.8 kgs.

Neither of these were laptops in the sense of ‘I feel like using it anywhere’, but I never noticed this. I never thought I could need a smaller or lighter notebook. I thought I’d miss the screen inches, and was pretty happy with the way I got used to use the laptops. The point here is: I loved them, I really did.

So, I’ve got a MacBook. It’s smaller (13.3”) and lighter (2.27kg) than the others. And it has changed the way I use laptops.

The inches lost are totally worth it and, to tell the truth, I don’t miss them. It’s probably something on Apple’s design, but I actually fell I have more room now than I used to have.

Also, now I don’t mind getting out of my room and taking the MacBook somewhere else (to the kitchen, the balcony, the living room, etc).

I’ll try to talk more later about the general user experience of having a mac, from openning the box to learning how to use it.


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