Fourth Stanford Lecture on ‘iPhone Application Programming’

April 22, 2009

It’s available here. This one was given by Alan Cannistraro and I still think they’re not sticking to the title of the class.

They’re not talking just about iPhone Application Programming, but about main programming paradigms, using iPhone to show examples. And because their focus is on iPhone programming, they doesn’t spend much time talking about the paradigms.

Noticed this leads us to a contradiction? This can’t be good, because they don’t go deep on iPhone Programming, nor in ‘Main Programming Paradigms’. Anyway, there are some good parts on the lecture.

It can be summarized as follows:

  • 10 minutes of review/administrative talk
  • 5 more minutes (trying to) explain the delegation pattern
  • 10 minutes explaining MVC
  • The interesting part: nib files
  • A look on iPhone MVC and Interface Builder
  • Assignment 2

If you need a look on the delegation pattern, I suggest that you visit this link. The lecture won’t give you any insights on why to use it instead of subclassing. It’s really a matter of flexibility (with delegation, you can ‘change’ the behavior of an object dinamically, without using flags and ifs).

For MVC, try this. Don’t be fooled: It is common to have the view to know details about the model (although it is theoretically possible to isolate them from each other).

For nib files or Interface Builder, this is a good introductory lecture. Give the assignment a shot: It looks great. You will learn how to change the state of the model object through a user message (touch) AND update the screen. This is fairly all you’ll have to know to create any simple application. The next lecture, ‘Views and Drawings, animations’ should give you a glampse of how advanced drawing works.

Can’t wait to get on that!


4 Responses to “Fourth Stanford Lecture on ‘iPhone Application Programming’”

  1. sahiti Says:

    Thanks for the valuable information that you are posting.

    I am a beginner in iphone application programming following stanford lectures. I have a windows vista basic laptop with 2GB RAM and cannot afford to buy a MAC OS now. Is there any way i can practice iphone application development on it?

  2. sahiti Says:

    Are there any virtual servers available to practice iphone application development on windows vista?

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