Press FAIL

July 10, 2009

Can the press stop Google (and other news aggregators) from copying/indexing their news? They probably can. Sometime ago, major press companies begun to complaint about Google showing some of their texts (mainly headlines and a summary), at both google search AND google news.

But this will drive them crazy: People are making ‘press releases’ on their own. Brazilian soccer is beginning to move towards this. Vanderlei Luxemburgo,  former Real Madrid manager, announced he was fired before anyone could announce it. On twitter. Now Belluzo, Palmeiras president, announced he couldn’t get to an agreement with Muricy Ramalho, also on twitter(pt/BR).

As I already told some friends, the press as we know will have to reinvent itself in order to remain profitable. Become less pure-factual, more analyzer (eg.: After Luxemburgo being fired, some articles could be written about the possibilities for his future). People are begginning to know how to tell their own stories (or their own version), and this is one step further in the direction of  a less dumb and manipulating press.


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