Yahoo! Open Hack Day Project

March 20, 2010

I’m directly from brhackday, SP! The event is amazing so far, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of stuff to blog on the next days (YQL is amazing, Yahoo! is getting more social, everything is very exciting around here).

But I want to talk about the project we chose to implement here for the competition (Thanks Leonardo and Gustavo, you’re being great so far! Hope we can make a great project out of this):

We’ll cross routes (from and to anywhere anywhere) with traffic and weather information (from the official traffic agencies) in São Paulo, to help users choose what route to take when using google maps.

So, what do you think? Will it be useful for you guys? Have already seen anything like this?? Any extra feature you would like to have in this system?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: There is a traffic layer on google maps, and it works pretty well. Don’t know why we haven’t seen it before, but it showed up here just before we begin the work. Actually, I think they used the exactly same structure we intended to use. Anyway, we dropped this project to work on a more useful one.


4 Responses to “Yahoo! Open Hack Day Project”

  1. Leandro Says:

    Interesting idea, Gama! I think this project, as it is, is already useful! I really want to see this working! Is it possible to make something like this for others cities, like Rio?
    Also, another interesting related idea is to cross information to help people choosing the transportation (e.g, car, bus, subway, etc) optimizing/minimizing a given factor, like time, money. And I don’t even know if it is feasible, but I think it would be a great service, if it existed…

    • Rodrigo Gama Says:

      Time, money… These info are all given by google maps, when you trace a route. Maybe we could make a better (and more targeted) interface to show the info, but this would be a commercial project, not a research one (like this one should be).

  2. Guilherme Says:

    Sorry man, I just saw your post right now… How did your project go?

    • Rodrigo Gama Says:

      This one went bad, as I told in the edit. We discovered it before it was too late. Well, actualy, we didn`t:/

      The one that replaced it went event worse, we couldn`t finish it for the presentations that are happenning now. I`ll talk about this in another post… But I`m really sad about this. We should have kept the first project.

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