This theme is beggining to feel old, but I think there are some thoughts I could share about it.

At first, Apple won’t let flash go inside its iPhone OS environment. Their reasons are on an open letter written by Steve Jobs. The other day, Adobe responded Apple using Apple’s way of target marketing: humiliating and mocking their adversaries.

We all know what’s in it. Apple is not required to let flash in, and they want people to work with their environment, learn to work with their tools. Damn, maybe they can even use Objective C to write real Mac applications. So, it becomes clear that Apple is not wrong here, they are only protecting themselves from the outside world (and trying to make some money, does anyone have a problem with that?).

But I have a real problem with an item on Apple’s “Thoughts on Flash”.

“First, there’s “Open”.”

Are you serious, Apple? You’re questioning Adobe for not being “Open”? So, what is your concept about Openness? It’s incredible that they can blame Adobe for not being “Open” AND say “You know, I know we’re not open. But we strongly believe that all standards pertaining to the web should be open.”. There is no need to study Apple’s way of doing business to know they don’t believe in what they are saying: They tell it to you themselves!

Apple, you have a great number of reasons to keep Adobe out. You do want to have a share on the sold apps, you don’t want people to be publishing games without your aknowledge, both because of the share and because of the apps’ quality. I can understand that much… I believe freedom of choice gives the best user experience, and would bring the best of luck to your iPhone OS platform.  You don’t, and it’s OK!

You don’t need to be making lame excuses to do something that is perfectly within your rights. Just do it and deal with the outcomes, but don’t use fallacies to make people infer you’re something that you’re not: An open, standards-supporting company.